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Lola Brooke’s Height, Biography, Wiki, Age, Career, Net Worth And More


Introduce Lola Brooke, a diminutive superstar from Brooklyn, New York, whose impact on the music industry is immense despite her diminutive stature.Lola,who is just 4 feet 9 inches tall,captivates audiences all over the world with her air of confidence and elegance.In 2021, she became famous with her breakout song “Don’t Play with It,” which demonstrated her undeniable talent as a rapper and musician. In spite of her little level, Lola’s presence is everything except little; she orders consideration with her appeal and energy for her art. Prepare to be enthralled by Lola Brooke’s journey as she continues to rule the music industry with her distinctive charm and undeniable talent.

Lola Brooke’s Height

The fact that Lola Brooke stands just 5 feet tall tells you a lot about her. She exudes an air of elegance thanks to her adorable, petite frame. It’s like she’s small but powerful, right? She stands out in part because of her height, which is more than just a number. At the point when you see her, you can’t resist the urge to see how her height adds something uniquely great to her entire look.

Who is Lola Brooke?

Lola Brooke, originally named Shyniece Thomas, is an American rapper from the lively borough of Brooklyn, New York. She made a significant impact in the music scene with her breakout track “Don’t Play with It” in 2021, capturing the attention of listeners and swiftly rising to fame.

Lola Brooke’s Biography

Lola Brooke is a notable American vocalist, rapper, and musician who was brought into the world in Brooklyn, New York, on February 1, 1994. She drenched herself in the realm of music since early on, and when she was eight years of age, she found her energy for composing verses and songs. She has kept on showing her surprising ability and has stayed a lively and dynamic presence in the music business from that point forward.

Lola Brooke signed with Team 80 Records and Arista Records in 2016 and made a significant career move.She is adored for her versatility, ability to write profound lyrics, and relatable, down-to-earth persona. Her first single, “Don’t Play It,” had a lot of people talking about it on social media.

With the release of “Don’t Play With It,” a song that went viral on Twitter and TikTok and propelled Lola Brooke to fame, in 2021, her career reached new heights. With subsequent hits like “Back to Business,” “Options,” “Dummy Dummy,” and “Gatorsseason,” she has continued to have a significant impact on the music industry. Her contributions have made her a dynamic and influential figure in contemporary music, and this has only grown.

Lola Brooke’s Wiki

Birth nameShyniece Thomas
Famous asLola Brooke
Date of birth1 February 1994
Age (as of 2023)29 years
Zodiac signAquarius
Place of birthBrooklyn, New York, United States of America
Current residenceBrooklyn, New York, United States of America
Height in feet4’9”
Height in centimeters145 cm
Weight in pounds121 lbs
Weight in kilograms55 kg
Body measurements in inches32-24-35
Body measurements in centimeters81-61-90
Hair colorLight brown
Eye colorBrown
Relationship statusSingle
Net worth$1 million

Lola Brooke’s Education

Lola Brooke’s initial training occurred at a nearby school in the USA, where she constructed the fundamental information and abilities that laid the foundation for her future scholastic triumphs. These early stages were instrumental in her scholarly and self-improvement.

In the wake of finishing her school training, Lola Brooke proceeded with her examinations at the College of USA. She participated in a variety of academic activities and took advantage of numerous opportunities to expand her knowledge and expertise in her chosen field while attending university.

Her instructive excursion finished in her graduation from the College of USA, an achievement that featured her devotion and steadiness in her scholastic undertakings.

Lola Brooke’s Age

Lola Brooke, whose real name is Shyniece Thomas, was born in Brooklyn, New York, on February 1, 1994.As of 2023, she will be 29 years old.Her stage name is a combination of Lola Bunny and Brooklyn, where she was born and raised. Sadly, her dad, Dennis, died during her life as a youngster. Out of appreciation for him, she named her introduction collection “Dennis Girl.” On October 31, 2023, she posted a video on Instagram observing Halloween and recalling her dad. Lola was raised by her mom, Teesha, who has forever been areas of strength for an of her melodic yearnings. As an American of African-American plummet, Lola Brooke has left a critical imprint in the rap business.

Lola Brooke’s Birthday

Lola Brooke entered the world on February first, 1994, and presently at 29 years of age, she actually denotes her birthday on that equivalent date consistently. It’s something other than a day for her; it’s an opportunity to stop, reflect, and praise the excursion of her life. Her birthday serves as a time to reflect on and appreciate the experiences and development that each year brings. Thus, February first isn’t simply a date on the schedule for Lola — it’s a yearly suggestion to love life’s experiences and anticipate what’s on the horizon.

Lola Brooke’s Family

Her entire world was turned upside down when Lola Brooke was just eight years old. Dennis, her sole source of guidance, passed away, leaving her to deal with life’s challenges alone. In her young life, it was a devastating blow that marked a significant turning point.

In the fallout of her dad’s demise, Lola’s mom moved forward to make up for the shortcoming, assuming the job of the two guardians to guarantee Lola’s prosperity. Regardless of her mom’s immovable help, Lola has decided to stay quiet about her personality, safeguarding her from according to general society. In a similar vein, she has chosen to keep her family history a closely guarded secret and has avoided talking about any potential siblings.

The main relative Lola has openly recognized is her cousin, Jah. While she has confronted the difficulties of growing up without her dad, Lola has pursued a cognizant choice to keep a shroud of security around her day to day life. This deliberate decision allows Lola Brooke to navigate the spotlight while safeguarding her personal life and adds a layer of mystery to her journey.

Lola Brooke’s Career

Lola Brooke began her career as an artist on February 1, 1994, when she entered the world of rap and music for the first time. Growing up without her dad was extreme, however she found comfort and strength in her mom’s enduring help, which assumed a vital part in forming who she is today.

Lola’s TikTok and Twitter posts went viral, attracting the interest of a large number of musicians eager to collaborate with her, despite her reserved nature.

Her affection for hip-bounce, particularly the hints of New York, resounds profoundly inside her, impacted by any semblance of 50 Penny, Jay-Z, DMX, and Busta Rhymes. Symbols like Missy Elliott, Eve, Lauryn Slope, and Lil Wayne have additionally influenced her imaginative personality.

With her debut single “Bipolar” in 2018, Lola Brooke set the stage for a series of successful albums, including “Cash Out” and “Back to Business.” Her star power even handled her in limited time materials for the CBS show “East,” and she’s gladly connected with Arista Records and Group 80.

Lola Brooke is a formidable competitor whose talent is unrivaled. Whether she’s making dazzling verses across different melodic types or dealing with her flourishing YouTube channel flaunting more than 45,000 supporters, she keeps on sparkling splendidly in the serious music industry.

Lola Brooke’s Networth

Lola Brooke’s rise to prominence in the music industry has been nothing short of a wild ride through rap, music, and songwriting. Her way to progress is a demonstration of her unlimited gifts and steady devotion to her art. Lola leaves an indelible mark on the industry with each role she assumes, whether as a songwriter, musician, or rapper.

Her artistic achievements are just as impressive as her financial ones, with an estimated net worth of $1 million.This is more than just a number;it’s an impression of the many hours she spent honing her skills and learning about the often unpredictable music industry. Lola Brooke can come up with anything, from moving lyrics to captivating melodies to spitting bars in her trademark style. Her creative prowess is endless.

However,success does not solely depend on money;It is evidence of her value to the entertainment industry.Lola has established herself as a notable figure in the music scene through her talent and sheer determination.Her journey demonstrates that anything is possible in the music industry with talent,perseverance,and a little bit of grit.She serves as an inspiration to all aspiring artists.

Lola Brooke’s Relationship

Hey guys, so let’s talk about Lola Brooke’s personal life for a sec. It’s pretty much a mystery! She’s super private about it, which is totally cool. Like, nobody knows who her husband is, if she’s married, or even if she’s seeing someone romantically.

Lola’s all about her music career, you know? She’s totally focused on that grind. Despite hanging out with a bunch of rappers in the industry, there’s no gossip about her dating anyone. It’s like she’s got this invisible shield around her personal life!

Props to Lola for keeping things under wraps, though. It shows how serious she is about her music hustle. So, if you’re curious about her love life or anything, well, it’s a mystery waiting to be solved. But for now, let’s just vibe with her awesome tunes!

Lola Brooke’s Social Media

Lola Brooke’s Instagram resembles a window into her lively world. She fills it with pictures of her life, from the exciting projects she is working on to the little things that make her happy. It’s not just about beautiful pictures; she utilizes it to visit with her devotees, share refreshes on her work, and even request their contribution on things.

Over on Facebook, Lola gets a bit deeper. Her page is like a cozy corner where she can share longer stories, articles, and videos. It’s where her fans come together to discuss what’s happening in her world and theirs, forming a real community around her.

YouTube is where Lola really lets her creativity shine. She posts all sorts of videos, from fun vlogs to tutorials and even some behind-the-scenes peeks. It’s a way for her to connect with an even wider audience in a dynamic and engaging way.

And then there’s Twitter, where Lola keeps things real-time.Whether it’s about her most recent endeavor or just something amusing she witnessed that day, she expresses her ideas as they occur to her. It’s a quick platform that allows her to engage more casually with her supporters, strengthening their bond.


Lola Brooke, also known as Shyniece Thomas, is an American rapper hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Despite her petite height of 4 feet 9 inches, Lola Brooke has made a significant impact in the music industry with her talent, versatility, and captivating persona. Her height adds to her unique charm, distinguishing her as an artist. Despite her reserved nature about her personal life, Lola Brooke’s height has become a recognizable aspect of her public image, contributing to her success and popularity.

Facts about Lola Brooke’s Height:

  1. Lola Brooke, born Shyniece Thomas, stands at a petite height of 4 feet 9 inches or 145 centimeters.
  2. Despite her small stature, Lola Brooke exudes elegance and a powerful presence, which adds to her unique appeal.
  3. Her height has become a recognizable characteristic, contributing to her distinct image as an artist.
  4. Lola Brooke’s small stature hasn’t hindered her success in the music industry; instead, it adds to her charm and individuality.
  5. Lola Brooke’s height has been a topic of discussion among fans and followers, showcasing the interest and admiration for her as an artist.

FAQs about Lola Brooke’s Height:

  1. How tall is Lola Brooke?

Lola Brooke stands at a height of 4 feet 9 inches or 145 centimeters.

  1. Has Lola Brooke’s height affected her music career?

No, Lola Brooke’s height has not hindered her success in the music industry. Instead, it adds to her distinctive image and charm as an artist.

  1. Is Lola Brooke known for her petite stature?

Yes, Lola Brooke’s height has become a recognizable characteristic, contributing to her unique appeal as an artist.

  1. What is Lola Brooke’s approach to her height?

Lola Brooke embraces her petite stature, exuding confidence and elegance despite her small frame.

  1. Has Lola Brooke’s height been a topic of discussion among fans?

Yes, Lola Brooke’s height has garnered interest and admiration from fans, showcasing her unique presence as an artist.

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